Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bow necklace

So last time I had a sale a girl donated a bunch of her old necklaces and stuff. In her bag of old jewelry i found a hair clip. This hair clip had a bow on it! So i decided to make a bow necklace. I was totally in love with this necklace and almost lost it..... But its okay i found it a few steps away from my house well actually my friend found it I would have walked right past. Silly me I was so proud of it that i wore it before actually finishing it off!

So I decided to have some before and after Photos........ So

So for the necklace that i made I used a bead from a necklace i never wear anymore... Although i fixed the necklace it is just one bead shorter now! And I used beads from my pile of broken stuff!! Specifically I used a glass heart bead that used to be part of an earring..... I also used a lock and a key charm..


So what do you guys think about the before and after idea???

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Its snowing:)

So im going to talk more about a few necklaces i posted before..... and i posted some new ones too!! It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
 So the blue bead comes from my mothers old necklace... The green one from my pile of broken necklaces and earrings.... The pink i bought a long time ago and made into a necklace then broke it again and now its this necklace... I have a tendency to break my stuff when i'm bored of it...

 So the circles come from the same broken necklace as the ones in my necklace from a few weeks ago. The purple ones come from my pile of broken stuff i think :) I actually wanted to take before and after pictures you know like the necklace before and what i make it into after. But its so hard to take pictures of them before breaking them... I just always break stuff really fast hehe...

 My bro's euke hahhaa he took the pictures...... So this was one of them.......

 I love these beads! I used to have an obsession with glass beads their so beautiful!

 The grey beads come from this collection of beads that a lady gave me. Super nice!!! She gave me a bunch of beads that she never uses..... The feathers are actually purple not blue looking.

Friday, November 19, 2010


A Few more pictures! :) I'm so sleepy so i'm going to sleep:)

 So.................. More versions of bottle necklace.. I think this is perfect for putting little messages in! So cute! Just add a little message for a friend perfect birthday present! I decided to add some shells and pearls on this one!
Its my favorite you will be seeing me wear it;)
So i decided to add flowers to my pictures, since i am the ultimate flower child! I think i add flowers to everything so why not my necklace pictures?? Right??

The blue bead used to be my mothers old earring. It is amazing what you can transform... I got a bunch of people donating old jewelry to me:) I'm SO happy about it !! I get so happy when I'm put with a bunch of stuff that i can break apart! I guess its just part of my weirdness:)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Made out of my mothers old necklace! I love them! And there are more feather earrings to come made some more yesterday!
I love the look of fresh water pearls. So beautiful I used to have all my jewelry have a sort of beach theme to it.
 My friend Janet and I used to go all the way to pi-Neuf to get these beads! fun times! Once we walked the wrong way and almost ended up in Laval!
So i was reading some jewelry blogs and like the how to's in jewelry blogging. And they all seemed very intent on telling the story about your jewelry. And i was like hmmm well my jewelry probably has tons and billions of stories about it i just don't know any of them. Anyways well i guess i could try to tell you people the story of my jewelry... although, when my imagination runs wild it really runs... I'm sure i'm going to end up coming up starting off with this piece of jewelry had its beads donated to me by a super nice lady and then end up with well some famous person wore it while donating a million dollars to an environmental fund... hmmm well i can dream right??  Anyways i will dream thats how everything starts.............................................................. So most of those pictures aren't made out of recycled materials except the earrings. I made the other ones before, i came up with the whole recycling materials idea. In fact most of the recycled ones i don't have pictures of yet except for the ones further down below!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


heyy so i just wanted to say that i'm getting an etsy account so if you like anything here you will be able to buy it off my etsy account... Will be up within the next week or two i have to go listen to a lecture now though so bye!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New creations

Hey! so i had to get my brother to take my pictures since mine were a major fail! my brother took some really awesome pictures for me. Some of them are more for artistic purposes so you can't really see what i made very well. But i still think their cool so i will post them anyways. I'm going to work today hopefully it won't be as painful as last time. I think this Australian dude was hitting on me. He said he was a comedian from the just for laughs festival .. maybe he was practicing on me or something... i don't think he actually is a comedian though because his joke was : " I left Australia because there were too many Australians!" And then he looked at me like i was supposed to find this hilarious. He just kept on telling me these lame jokes were he had to keep telling me that they were jokes because they were just that lame.. Nice try Australian dude :P Anyways it was pretty amusing... Wherever you are Australian dude If you actually are a comedian at the just for laughs festival please revise your jokes! Except not on me .... Anyways so pictures...

Okay so i must admit nothing about this bottle is recycled i just think its cute. I will likely get in a lot of recycled stuff soon though so you will see less of this to come...
Okay so i know these are sorta sideways but i'm sure you all have enough of an imagination to think of them as the right way around because i have to go to work soon so i can't correct this.
So this is the new stuff I've made so far well some of it anyways. I need to make a lot more though so much to do ... :) 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pictures Pictures Pictures

So this is my desk you can just imagine how anxious this makes my mother. And we also have a bunch of old jewelery. And MY TREE! I love my TREE!!

So i'm sleepy so the rest will have to wait i know your anxious about seeing more because who wouldn't want to see a bunch of photos that are not well focused because the girl who's posting them apparently cannot use a camera. I'm just skilled like that though:)