Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well i just thought i would show this necklace since i really love it and it also is in part made of peoples old jewelery. I love this necklace. A lady bought it yesterday she kept coming back and looking at it i think maybe five times before she bought it. I really had a hard time parting with it. I had to part with a lot of my stuff yesterday that was hard for me i feel as if the stuff i make is part of me. Their like my children that i have to set free except in this case i make money off them so maybe not so much children. Anyway the point is that their special and their awesome because eventually when i have enough people involved it will be a form of recycling!

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Anonymous said...

I loved this necklace, and now regret not buying it myself! I love your project, keep it up! I will keep spreading the word about it where ever I can. I think it's smart, important, and creative! All the best!