Friday, November 19, 2010

 So.................. More versions of bottle necklace.. I think this is perfect for putting little messages in! So cute! Just add a little message for a friend perfect birthday present! I decided to add some shells and pearls on this one!
Its my favorite you will be seeing me wear it;)
So i decided to add flowers to my pictures, since i am the ultimate flower child! I think i add flowers to everything so why not my necklace pictures?? Right??

The blue bead used to be my mothers old earring. It is amazing what you can transform... I got a bunch of people donating old jewelry to me:) I'm SO happy about it !! I get so happy when I'm put with a bunch of stuff that i can break apart! I guess its just part of my weirdness:)


S + Y said...

OMG! I love the new variation of the bottle necklace. When you make mine, please write something funny in it... :P

I will be donating jewelry + random beads the next time I see you!

PS: The pictures look great... love the random flowers... VERY YOU.


Recycling jewelery girl said...

HAHAHA dont worry you can count on me to write you a message;)xoxo