Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bow necklace

So last time I had a sale a girl donated a bunch of her old necklaces and stuff. In her bag of old jewelry i found a hair clip. This hair clip had a bow on it! So i decided to make a bow necklace. I was totally in love with this necklace and almost lost it..... But its okay i found it a few steps away from my house well actually my friend found it I would have walked right past. Silly me I was so proud of it that i wore it before actually finishing it off!

So I decided to have some before and after Photos........ So

So for the necklace that i made I used a bead from a necklace i never wear anymore... Although i fixed the necklace it is just one bead shorter now! And I used beads from my pile of broken stuff!! Specifically I used a glass heart bead that used to be part of an earring..... I also used a lock and a key charm..


So what do you guys think about the before and after idea???

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Becca said...

such a neat idea!
I love your recycling. too cool for words!