Saturday, November 13, 2010


Made out of my mothers old necklace! I love them! And there are more feather earrings to come made some more yesterday!
I love the look of fresh water pearls. So beautiful I used to have all my jewelry have a sort of beach theme to it.
 My friend Janet and I used to go all the way to pi-Neuf to get these beads! fun times! Once we walked the wrong way and almost ended up in Laval!
So i was reading some jewelry blogs and like the how to's in jewelry blogging. And they all seemed very intent on telling the story about your jewelry. And i was like hmmm well my jewelry probably has tons and billions of stories about it i just don't know any of them. Anyways well i guess i could try to tell you people the story of my jewelry... although, when my imagination runs wild it really runs... I'm sure i'm going to end up coming up starting off with this piece of jewelry had its beads donated to me by a super nice lady and then end up with well some famous person wore it while donating a million dollars to an environmental fund... hmmm well i can dream right??  Anyways i will dream thats how everything starts.............................................................. So most of those pictures aren't made out of recycled materials except the earrings. I made the other ones before, i came up with the whole recycling materials idea. In fact most of the recycled ones i don't have pictures of yet except for the ones further down below!


alankarshilpa said...

Beautiful jewelry:)

Becca said...

I love how thrifty you are!

awesome :)