Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Pictures

The beads are sort of reused I made a bracelet a while ago but then i got bored of it. I broke it and made it into these. The chain is different types of chain from old jewelery.
So here i took a bunch of pearls from old jewelery and attached them too chain. I'm going to make something similar to this soon from a pearl bracelet i have. I love these long necklaces with chain and various beads attach i think they must be the style of necklace i make the most of!
OOOOooo So i got a new display! It is a giant tree! And for those of you who don't know not to do this already don't try bringing a giant plastic tree home with you by metro and bus it is a very difficult endeavor. I now know why people never bring their Christmas tree's home by metro. Or at least i never saw anyone do this before. I got a lot of people talking to me because of this though. I got a lot of random smiles from strangers who were likely laughing at my troubles. I also got too talk to this lady who lives in my neighborhood who i didn't know about my project and she gave me a lot of great advice! Thank You lady i talked to at the bus stop while waiting for my bus that never comes! Wherever you are i am very grateful!
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