Friday, November 5, 2010


hey so i thought i would answer some questions that have already come up
1) No i don't reuse the feathers from other jewelery haven't really had any feathers given to me yet but i will work on that.
2) No i don't go around during my breaks at mac campus picking up feathers on the ground either even if i had time to do that with like the billions on midterms, papers, badminton, classes, and jewelery making that i have to do. I probably would be worried about getting a reputation for my earrings spreading some kind of bird pathogen into humans, which with my luck would likely happen. So no i don't go to that level to try to recycle bird feathers.
I just thought i would mention my friend Sandra who has this really awesome fashion blog. This girl is absolutely awesome. She is such a supportive friend too i don't know what I would do without her!! Shes making my business card for me which I'm doubly appreciative of because its going to be awesome because she just has to much awesomeness in her for it not to be.

I actually have a few more blogs to recommend also but i have to go catch the shuttle bus and i don't really want to be late for that all those at Mac campus feel my pain right now... So i will likely post again soon about these cool blogs and maybe show a few more pictures of what i made when i'm active enough to take pictures, since this tends to be a somewhat time consuming process for me. I like really have problems with technology and like major problems im always the one who asks people whats wrong with my computer or why isnt the VCR working and its always because its not on ... You would think i would think of this apparently not.. This actually happend during an exam once spent half my exam trying to figure out why my light bulb wouldin't turn on but anyways that another story. Im really going to miss my shuttle now.
better run!!

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