Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Start

So i have just created this little business where i recycle jewelery. I have had a lot of interest so far so i'm really excited about it...So basically I woke up yesterday morning and it hit me! I am always using other peoples jewelery to make my necklaces. I mean i'm constantly making my moms earrings into necklaces since she always loses the other pair... Plus my awesome friend Sandra is always giving me her billions of earrings that she doesn't use anymore so that i can transform them into whatever i want. So i thought why not make it a thing?? So I ran all over my house looking for something that i could make into a somewhat decent looking sign. Basically my sign  ended up looking like a fourth grader made it but i guess thats okay because people loved my idea!!! So what im about is reusing the jewelery that people just leave lying around in their drawers and closets and boxes or wherever you store your bits and pieces of stuff that you don't really want but you feel its too pretty looking to throw away or your just really bored of it. So If you bring all that jewelery that you have lying around to me what i do is i change it into something completely different. And you get a reduced price on the items that i carry. So its a recycling of jewelery parts. Because we all know that what might be a piece of garbage for one person may be a treasure to another. All your broken pieces of jewelery that you have lying around and all those pieces that your bored of those are my treasures!!! So hopefully you somewhat understood what i'm about after all that rambling on about not much at all enough to want to join my recycling movement!

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